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Fundamentals of study organization

Fundamentals of study organization

At the beginning of the training program, an oral or written agreement shall be concluded with the school and the student representative (hereinafter the Client), which shall set out all the essential conditions related to learning.

The amount of the tuition fee and the procedure for payment thereof shall be defined in the contract between the school and the Contracting Authority. The Client is obliged to pay the tuition fee in due time and in accordance with the agreement between the School and the Client.

Training is considered completed if the learner has completed at least 90% of the curriculum and the learner is not in debt to the school. Upon completion of the training, a certificate shall be issued to the student upon request.

Early school leaving shall take place on the basis of a personal written request and in accordance with an agreement between the school and the student.

You will find the basics of study organization 

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