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Individual coaching

Individual coaching is a trusted partnership between a client and a coach. 
The coach offers professional support to enhance professional development, his/her life and helps to find his/her own answers. Through questions and inspirational techniques the coach helps the client to become more aware of his or her strengths and opportunities to become an even better leader/person/employee/teacher/trainer, etc.
In individual coaching You set the agenda and I use my professional skills to choose the right way to deal with the agenda. 


You might want to approach one or more things differently in your life.

Are you:

  • wanting to have more time for yourself

  • wanting to create more joy and less stress

  • wanting to be better employer/employee/ etc

  • wanting to make difference in your work life

  • ​wanting to increase your authority and confidence

  • wanting to gain a balance between flexibility and demand

  • wanting to develop your negotiation/etc skills

  • looking for a better balance between work and family life

  • aiming to create a healthier lifestyle

  • wanting to quit your job

  • having difficulties in setting your boundaries or

  • looking for a happier life?

Additionally, if you happen not to be a local and you need a coach who can deliver coaching sessions excellently in English, I would be the right choice for you.

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