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Trainings I offer

I am happy to design the training courses together with the client to create a future-oriented programme.

The trainings I provide  are:

Building motivation

How do you build motivation? What are the ways to maintain motivation? 

Coaching skills

How do you support the growth of your team, inspire them to take action and take responsibility?

How to integrate coaching elements to teaching?

How do you implement coaching skills into teaching/training? What additional value does it bring? What will be different?

English coaching

Do you believe in an innovative way of learning a language? What if you tried to think out of the box and learnt English untraditionally?

Coaching with painting

How does your work change the world and how do we impact the lives of ourselves, our clients, and our colleagues?

Relocation training

How do I make a change by using the integral way of educating and training? How does integral education look like? How is it beneficial to me?

Where are my boundaries? How to say NO?

How do you communicate in intercultural work-related situations? What are the main points to remember and train?

We meet, map the needs of your team and organization, and design a training or development programme that exactly meets your needs. 
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