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I am Evelyn Soidla - Certified Professional Coach, International Supervisor & Trainer

I was a language teacher for 20 years before realizing that I wanted a change. 


I had a stable job, I was best at it and yet something didn’t seem right. 

I stumbled across a coaching training and thought of trying it out. That is when I knew. This was it.


I wanted to be a coach, so I joined a professional coaching school.

It wasn’t the easiest decision. I had to overcome self-doubt and embrace uncertainty. If it weren't for people around me , I wouldn't be able to accomplish that.

But finally, I achieved my goal and realized that this was my passion all along.

Now I am a Professional Certified Coach, an International Supervisor (Level 6), and a steadfast guide for leaders, teams, and organizations. With over 8 years of experience in coaching and supervision, I help other professionals and executives go through similar transitions in their lives.


I believe that every person has resources and kindness within them. I firmly believe in the transformative potential of belief, mindset, and the necessity of discomfort for change. 


My goal is to partner with large international companies, the educational sector, and entrepreneurs. I see myself working with business professionals in leadership positions and those seeking change in their lives, providing them with the support they need.


Let's connect! I welcome the opportunity to meet like-minded professionals and potential clients as we explore paths of growth and success together.



Trainer experience

I have been into adult education since 2001.

As a trainer, I am inspired by topics such as coaching skills for managers, trainers, etc, building motivation, giving feedback and feedforward,  self-management, integral leadership, education and life, and intercultural competence.

Additionally, I conduct trainings for educational stuff on how to integrate coaching elements into teaching/training.

Coach and supervisor experience

My exposure to coaching and supervision began in 2017 when I began my coaching supervisor 2,5-year training programme.

As a coach and international supervisor at EPConsulting Services, I have taken the lead in catalyzing transformative changes within teams and organizations, locally and internationally. My role has allowed me to work in-depth with leaders, teams, and organizations, particularly those undergoing transitions.


Here, I have successfully developed and implemented self and professional development programs for our diverse clients. These tailor-made programs have proven effective in facilitating growth, improving team dynamics, and enhancing overall organizational productivity.


On my path to continuous professional growth, I am now in the process of acquiring my Professional Certified Coach (PCC) certification while maintaining my role as an International Supervisor at Level 6. This has allowed me to further refine my approach to coaching and supervision, ensuring that I deliver maximum value to our clients.


I also serve on the Board of the Estonian Supervision and Coaching Union, a role that allows me to contribute to the wider field of coaching by organizing and participating in seminars, workshops, and conferences.

Education and training

I am a certified supervisor, coach (ISCI) and trainer (MA in teacher methodology).

I am a board member of the Estonian Supervision and Coaching Association (ESCÜ). I am also a member of the Estonian chapter of ICF.

Personal life

My personal life is surrounded by my family and friends. I am a mother of 3 daughters. This role gives me a pretty good challenge every day. I value learning and development.

I consider curiosity one of my assets. A growth mindset gives me challenges every day to be in new places and situations.

I love travelling as new impulses inspire me. 

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