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Who am I

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I am Evelyn Soidla - a coach, supervisor, trainer and facilitator.

I am a certified coach and supervisor (International Supervision and Coaching Institute - ISCI). I work based on integral and systemic approaches.
I have been a partner for managers and teams of various levels in both Estonian and international organizations in both the private and public sectors. I often do this in English because I specialize in cultural specificity and diversity and have completed a number of programs in intercultural coaching.

I founded my company in 2013. Entrepreneurial experience has taken me to the world of start-ups and SMEs. 

My favourite topics are collaboration and communication; self-efficacy; conflict resolution; self-management; emotion management.



Trainer experience

I have been into adult education since 2001.

As a trainer, I am inspired by topics such as coaching skills for managers, trainers, etc, building motivation, giving feedback and feedforward,  self-management, integral leadership, education and life, and intercultural competence.

Additionally, I conduct trainings for educational stuff on how to integrate coaching elements into teaching/training.

Coach and supervisor experience

My exposure to coaching and supervision began in 2017 when I began my coaching supervisor 2,5-year training programme.

Today, as a professional coach and supervisor,  I have partnered with executives from various fields and levels in different areas.

I have conducted individual and group supervisions for teachers, trainers, education staff, leaders, managers and many other professionals who want to reflect on their life and work and find new perspectives and opportunities.

The topics I am really into are collaboration and communication; motivation; conflict resolution; encouraging and taking responsibility; self-management; emotion management.

I work in Estonian and English, I understand and speak Russian.

Education and training

I am a certified supervisor, coach (ISCI) and trainer (MA in teacher methodology).

I am a board member of the Estonian Supervision and Coaching Association (ESCÜ). I am also a member of the Estonian chapter of ICF.

Personal life

My personal life is surrounded by my family and friends. I am a mother of 3 daughters. This role gives me a pretty good challenge every day. I value learning and development.

I consider curiosity one of my assets. A growth mindset gives me challenges every day to be in new places and situations.

I love travelling as new impulses inspire me. 

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