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Team coaching 

Individual coaching of one or a few people is not enough to take the team to the next level.

Team coaching focuses more on the system as the whole. Together, we discover what new behaviours and thinking the team needs to cope with a rapidly changing environment and how to achieve change.

In team coaching, team members learn to interact with each other openly and non-judgmentally, sharing their expectations, needs, and pleasures, which in turn increases team confidence and improves collaboration.

The questions, the leaders have come up with about their team, have been the following:

  • How can the different departments become more successful with each other?

  • How to deal with a 'troublesome' employee?

  • How to really  motivate a team?

  • How to develop the ability to delegate?

  • How to build a team?

  • How to have unpleasant conversations with team, other leaders and partners?

  • How to create an environment of trust, cooperation, and communication?

  • How to create awareness of the vision of the organisation and enable individual members to align with the vision of the organisation?


These are but a few of possible situations/questions. Changes in organisations are diverse, big and small, constant. Also meaning there is no such thing as a standard solution.

It is my will to work with you towards a tailored approach to your specific situation.

If you or your (international) team have a question or challenge that you are looking for a solution, I invite you to meet me. 

We'll get to know you, refine your question, and explore together how you and your team can accompany you on the journey of change.

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