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English Coaching

While working as a teacher and lecturer mainly in the field of internal security with the focus on internationalization and following my passion to teach English as a second language, I was also teaching part-time at a language school. I soon realized that many people who were trying to learn English needed assistance with only a few specific things, which I tend to identify quickly. I've begun an English Language Coach to do just that. I focus on topic-specific vocabulary and particular skills to help non-native speakers quickly and intelligibly speak English. I found out that my teacher qualification and coaching and supervisor training have helped me to be able to quickly identify the spot which needs to be trained in a time-box which is efficient and productive.

English coaching is a new way of learning a language, which in this case involves learning English through the elements of coaching. English coaching is an innovative way of learning a language where the trainer/coach, in collaboration with the client, identifies the client's language goals. It is particularly important to identify the client's needs accurately and work systematically towards this goal: Which are the client's current development potentials (brakes, obstacles); either lacking the courage to speak (related to the development of personality) or lacking knowledge (linguistic/grammatical knowhow). In addition, coaching methods allow us to find out exactly what kind of learner the client is and how the client is most successful in acquiring/learning the information. You will, as a learner, find motivation through English coaching because it is exactly the way you want to learn and exactly what you want to learn (topic). I believe my students/clients have resources. Therefore, the topics will be exciting and challenging! 
To sum up, in the process we will focus on either acquiring a certain skill (making presentations, writing e-mails, conducting meetings, etc.), or it might be necessary to deal with the grammar of the language (times, clauses, prepositions, linking devices, etc.), or we can deal with certain situations, how to get better as a manager/ group member/etc.) i.e. your professional/personal development.
Join in and we will make a wonderful experience out of it together!!!

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