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Systemic Supervision

Understand yourself and your client better

What is supervision

Supervision is a reflective dialogue and coaching process between coach and supervisor where the coach can reflect on the success stories and challenges of his or her coaching work in a secure environment.

Supervision gives coaches the opportunity to:

Raise awareness of personal reactions to client work and deal with what the coach does not hear, see or feel or allow to experience;

  • better understanding of the client, the client system, the relationships and dynamics between stakeholders;

  • to ensure the quality, ethics and compliance of clients with their work;

  • ensure their continuous learning and professional development;

  • Get support for your client work.

International Claim

International coaching associations ANSE, AC, ICF and EMCC recommend full-time professional coaches to participate in supervision.

The EMCC (European Mentoring and Coaching Council) believes that coaches should take at least 1 hour of supervision per 35 coaching hours, including a minimum of 4 hours per year evenly distributed over the year.

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