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Be yourself! Everyone else is already taken! 

I help you find and improve yourself-find your limits and increase efficiency with
the solutions you already have


Together we create the future

As an integral coach and supervisor, I am practising individual and team coaching and supervision.
In my work process I rely on systemic, appreciative and integral approach, NLP skills, and long-term training experience.
My key responsibilities have been to work in collaboration with people and teams to clarify their vision and setting the goals to achieve the defined targets.

I believe the most precious gift you can give to the other person is the gift of your time and attention. Therefore, I am connecting my motto with my passion to work with people by helping them to focus on their action and change.

How I work

As an executive and team coach, supervisor,  trainer, facilitator I work in combining the findings of positive psychology, neuroscience, the appreciative approach and my own real-life experience mostly in a solution-focused way. 
I believe that there is a resource in every human and organization, and everything is possible. The question is only how does the road look like in finding the resources? 


How do I do it:

  1. I help you find your potential and success stories

  2. I use different reflective techniques (including AQAL map) in our conversations and bring the findings of researchers and best practices of other companies to your attention

  3. I use the right questions (coach) or supervise to set the goals or solve the challenges to find the new different ways how to make the change immediately

  4. I watch your steps on the way and I will be there for you if you happen to lose the focus

Our collaborative process

Assessment and  mapping

I will have preliminary conversations with the decision-makers and  employees of the organization from all levels. Through direct participation, I will observe meetings, events, etc with the goal to acquire input for analysis. I will map (AQAL - a methodology for the holistic mapping of multiple perspectives and worldviews) the needs and wishes for achieving a better result in an integrative way and discuss them with you. 
The free of charge chemistry meeting is conducted before the collaboration process and it will not give you any obligation to continue in co-operation with me. 
The same process will also be conducted with individual potential clients.

Designing the process


In collaboration, we will design the training and/ or development process (individual or team coaching, supervision, training or a combination of these) based on the assessment and mapping according to your wishes and needs.

Implementation and results


We will set achievable goals and define the necessary steps to be followed. We will start implementing the plan according to the defined process. In between we will have stops to reflect and adapt the plan if changing situations require it. 

Conclusions and benefits


In the end of the process I will make the summary of the whole process, we will discuss the benefits, results, achievements,  also obstacles. I  will give feedback and feedforward on how to continue in the way that development and learning will not stop and will become sustainable.

Contact me

Let's meet and discuss how you or your team can benefit.

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