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Customer feedback and experience

Coaching program feedback and experience

Deniss Ojastu , Helmes AS, Business Area Manager

Kaidi was the Coordinator of the Helmesian Development Program with a focus on coaching. Kaidi did a great job of pairing and mentoring 16 of our staff and 6 coaches. His experience and knowledge in the field of human development and coaching helped us greatly with the substantive and logistical preparation of this program. Kaidi is a reliable, proactive and smart partner.

Feedback and experience of supervisors

Rita Noormägi , Office Manager at KredEx SA

We needed the help of a supervisor to support grant managers. They are aware of the problems of large families in Estonia and live with them as they work. We had a long and in-depth preliminary meeting and five group meetings. In addition, three people had the opportunity to talk to Kaid and talk about things that were hidden in the group. In conclusion, we were all in agreement - each of us had benefited so much from our supervision that we wanted to continue where we were last time. And still with Kaid!

Feedback and experience of the participants


Anne W. Ford , MSW, Co-ordinator, Oxford University Peer Support Program:

I had the pleasure of attending Kaidi Peets presentation on the GROW Model of Coaching at the 5th Annual Peer Support Symposium in June 2013. Kaidi was enthusiastic, knowledgeable and passionate about the subject matter, and helped the people to feel the same. I am very much appreciated that she had us try out the methods she was teaching, giving us the experience of using the coaching method and of being coached. I have kept in mind what I learned by participating in the workshop, and try to use the methods taught.


Anneli Kattai  , Valga County Development Agency:

Intensive and practical training in a friendly atmosphere, lots of independent work and group work

Kristi Goldberg , Ida-Viru Business Center:

Kaidi's training was practical and skilfully guided, where the acquired skills can be applied immediately.

Cynne Põldäär  , LAC:

Kaidi creates a cozy, safe and homely atmosphere during the training. He is a bright and professional trainer.


Anu Parts , Nissi Women's Society:

Goals can be set in family life, school life, work and hobbies. But that process could be so creative, you would never have thought about it. During the training I learned that I am surrounded by purposeful, efficient and active women..It is enough to learn and develop ... At the beginning of the training, many women from the Women's Society started to talk about their goals.

Marje Sakharov , Harju West Cooperative Forum :

From time to time we need to take time off and think about whether and what we want. I liked the examples of the trainer, who helped to create connections through the humor. I liked the way we thought (at least it seemed) to most women. The trainer was able to involve all participants. It remains to be seen that one still has to think carefully about one's goals.


The methods were new and unknown. I liked the organization of work - a bit of theory and more practice. It is just this kind of rehearsal and practice that suits me.
The training was useful and varied.
The training sessions were appropriate. I liked that we focused on just three exercises. Anchoring is important.
The work was well organized. The work atmosphere was understanding and conducive to creative work.
It was a very safe and pleasant ride. Once again, he became engaged in self-analysis, recalled what he had learned, and helped discover something new.
I liked the organization of the work - there was a bit of theory and then getting along with my companions. There was a lot of familiarity, but repetition is the mother of wisdom and being challenged by others with different companions develops skills and gives them the courage to practice.
The trainer was professional and warm and bright.

Feedback and experience of group coaching participants 

Kairi Kuuskor , founder of Bold Tuesday

Grupicoaching provides a glimpse into your situation and helps you see other perspectives.

The group will recognize what you need and accordingly support and encourage, or rather put on a hot chair, ask extremely uncomfortable questions and tug you out of the comfort zone. Both are great experiences.

The process creates synergies and ideas begin to combine, and there is a lot of inspiration and energy in the air. On leaving, it feels as if you have received a strong vitamin injection. I can say for all that the will to act, the motivation and the belief in the best of things are always at their peak.

There is no way to mention the coach. Every coaching is probably the face of your coach. It is Kaidi who makes energy move in the room, creating a safe environment where the group is comfortable opening up. There are also surprises every time. Kaidi makes the process playful and varies the methods according to the number of participants, time constraints and the specific case to be solved.

Terje Mander ,  City Detox Healthy Lifestyle Advisor and author of the book 'Restart'

Grupicoaching first helps to broaden the perspective and opportunities of the entrepreneur. Helps to highlight both personal and business potential and outputs. Helps you overcome the crisis of personal and company development, see new horizons, and most importantly, focus through group reflection and formulate next steps into realistic action plans.

Grupicoaching is like a best friend and a motivating, nurturing and supportive family that helps you see the next steps, bring out what you don't want, enrich with constructive criticism.

Grupicoaching is an important tool for personal and company development, for developing processes, solving stumbling blocks and finding new solutions. Through group members' suggestions, ideas and experience sharing, we enrich each other's personal and entrepreneurial journey.

I always get new insights, knowledge, strength and enthusiasm in group coaching.

Margit Kimmel  ,  producer of Healthy Organic Chips Ampstukk

Certainly, our group coaching participants have different perceptions of growing and developing their business. The ambitions are also quite different. However, they always gather with great excitement as everyone is very interested in learning and developing.

And, of course, the facilitator has an important role to play. Kaidi has a special talent for managing the process: giving momentum when it comes to new ideas and creativity, and pulling down momentum when needed to draw conclusions. As a result of this collaboration, we can leave with the blissful knowledge that there is always a solution for every situation.

Age Viimsalu ,  founder of Treppoja Sahver

Being a micro-entrepreneur has a lot of pros and cons, but one of the minuses, and for me the most important thing is the lack of a team.

Grupigoaching is indispensable here, they are my people and my team, you can generate ideas, test your thoughts, ask for advice, get constructive criticism and of course support, a lot of support. Not only is it important to talk about and discuss your own topics, but it is equally important to contribute to the work of others and share your own experiences and thoughts that will benefit others.

Our group coaching team is a cohesive team that is always a pleasure to meet, and there is always the will to act and the motivation behind our meetings!

Taimi Island , designer Cherie Atelier

Grupicoaching has given me tremendous amount of courage and confidence, a method that works very well as a development method. Since meeting, I have been able to set clearer goals and find my own development. Analyzing the problems of other like-minded entrepreneurs also helps you to identify similar problem areas in your daily work. This creates situations where you suddenly find solutions to an unknown problem.

I would describe my feeling as if you were adrenaline racing, you bet and immediately the victory is tangible, but where there is no finale today - you are always striving for a new and new medal.

Indrek Põldvee , Founder of Sorry as a Service

This group is of great importance in today's busy world. Take 2-3 hours a month on a regular basis to meet wonderful people who get lots of exciting thoughts and help with their troubles when needed. What is important is that the group has a solid structure that gives focus to the process. This is needed to prevent you from going away. There could be such groups all over Estonia.

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