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Quality Assurance Fundamentals

Fundamentals of quality assurance of continuing education institution activities

The company has filed a notice of economic activity and acts in accordance with the Adult Education Act.

Curricula for in-service training are developed according to the needs of the client and they are prepared in accordance with the applicable legislation.

The training takes place in a learning environment that meets the requirements. We usually choose the premises needed for the training together with the client. When choosing rooms, we take into consideration the purpose of the training, the size of the group, the need for presentation techniques, etc.

In order to ensure my professional quality, I attend individual super vision and struggle, and every year I also participate in various Estonian and / or international in-service training.

In order to ensure quality, I ask the participants of the coaching, supervision and training sessions for oral feedback on the process, as a rule at least twice - in the middle of the process, allowing the course to be corrected if necessary, and at the end of the process. At the end of the process, I often ask for written feedback.

You will find the basics of study organization 

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