Updated: Apr 7, 2021

WomenReinvent Programme

It is a programme that is meant for all women aged 40+. We encourage women to start to speak up, stand for their own beliefs and dreams, create and build up extraordinary lives, celebrate self-made success and live fully.

I believe that the programme is suitable for you if you have been wondering about the questions like:

Do I feel unsettled?

Am I struggling with the mixed feelings and twisting thoughts in my head?

Do I find myself at the same place, in the same circumstances again and again?

Am I familiar with thoughts that there are so much more in the world I need to do and experience?

Do I sometimes feel that my old dear friends don`t really understand and support my aspirations?

What is the next best place/challenge/adventure in the modern rapidly changing world for me?

How can I find my why?

What do I have to start with?

Who can help me?

Check out the programme in HERE: